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Bitcoin price reached $ 11,000! This is a great time to invest and earn even more with RONEX! This is simple math. The more mined RX COIN you have the richer you are when the rate rises.
The cryptocurrency, futures and asset trading markets are in active motion. The rate of not only Bitcoin is growing but also other cryptocurrencies. For example, the Ethereum rate is already above $ 330. The trading volumes exceed $ 5,000,000,000! You need to act immediately to get the highest possible profit!
The RX COIN / Bitcoin exchange is coming soon on our Ronex Crypto Exchange.
We also conclude agreements with two cryptocurrency exchanges for the exchange of RX COIN / BTC, RX COIN / ETH.
PRE-ICO ROUND 2 IS ENDED IN 9 DAYS, have time to buy 1 RX COIN at $ 0.30 per token.
Once listed on the exchange, RX COIN will be trading at $ 0.60 per token.
Due to the confluence of a number of factors the most successful investment opportunity has now emerged.
Jul 31, 2020 17:50