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About Us

RONEX is a reliable source of income for both experienced and novice investors who want to get a reliable financial foundation and stable long-term profit.

We are a group of leading experts in the field of trading on cryptocurrency exchanges and automation of exchange instruments through the development of the latest technologies and self-learning algorithms. Our team consists of first-class traders, analysts, statisticians, engineers and risk management specialists. The Ronex Logic algorithm is an individual development of our team, which is used for successful trading and making money on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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    4901A, 5 Jewry St
    London EC3N 2EX

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Thanks to the work done, we were able to create a real investment mechanism, which includes several highly profitable and promising instruments. The product we created was presented to our partners through the online platform. However, this is not the final stage of work on the Company development, but only the starting point, which allowed us to reach the world level and take a leading position in the market.

An additional tool for your earnings is to make a profit by increasing the rate of RX COIN. This is an internal token of the company, the growth of which will increase with the growth and development of the company. You will be available to earn money on mining cryptocurrency RX COIN using POS technology in the future. Additional profit due to mining will be from 10-25% per month.

The company's mission is to provide an opportunity for a wide circle of people to invest in nanotechnology, as well as provide related services in the best, reliable and profitable way, today and always, multiplying and fully utilizing the accumulated potential for the benefit of society and investors.

The primary objectives of the company are now as follows:

  • Reliable, safe and uninterrupted investment activities of the company.

  • Further expansion of the activities and increase in working capitals reserve, including due to attraction of financial resources, invested by private investors.

  • To achieve the ideal business relations structure and maximally to provide our services around the world.
  • To provide our investors with a high-quality service as well satisfy their financial needs and help them succeed.

  • is to create the maximum possible profit for our investors with minimal risk. It is important for us to provide users with the best investment solutions for the speedy achievement of their financial goals, while providing a wide range of support and assistance to each partner at all stages of working with the platform.

RONEX is a team of professionals, which provides all the conditions that allow customers to increase their capital, as well as gives the opportunity for passive earnings. Long before the launch of the platform, we created a profitable algorithm for working with financial assets, selecting and testing various directions. We also gradually created our team, which today has dozens of first-class professionals in different market segments.

RONEX offers its investors a wide range of tariff plans, which will increase over time. The company's tariff plans differ in terms of validity, profitability, as well as the minimum and maximum amount of investment, so absolutely every potential client of our company will be able to find ideal conditions for cooperation. The company's investment plans include investments in various fields of application of nano technologies.

Get to know the team

We are currently hiring Sr. and expert level developers, project managers, system administrators with proven track record in launched crypto projects.Please forward your resume and salary requirements to for consideration.

Brain Briggs


An expert who has deep understanding of blockchain technology in general and crypto exchange platforms in particular as well as thorough knowledge of computer technology and web development. Has an experience of trading on top-10 crypto exchanges. Understands all pros and cons of them.

Harleigh Hough


A blockchain enthusiast, expert and trader with high level business skills to run a complex organization.

Layla Arias


Young and dynamic customer support specialist with 2 years of experience, skilled at hearing users’ needs and finding a quick solution to their requests, Layla provides customer support through social media platforms.

Orson Austin


Blockchain and Digital Assets enthusiast, ICO Advisor, Social media manager. A professional and experienced Community Manager. He Has 3+ years experience in cryptocurrency also managed multiple blockchain projects as a community manager.

Fannie Pittman


Fannie’s previous experience in investment planning, stock exchange consulting, financial planning and banking makes her a valuable addition to the RONEX team. Her management expertise along with business and financial acumen are critical to effective strategy execution.

Luciano Hibbert


Experienced ICO advisor, worked on a variety of projects. Project marketing and promotion specialist. Reputation management expert. Professional interests are in the area of cryptocurrency project promotion.